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Online Pediatrician Visits

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Grace MD Connect

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Deepa Sukumar and Grace MD Connect were there for me when I needed excellent medical care  for my children. Dr. Sukumar asks detailed questions, is very observant and takes the time to get to know your child! She has been spot-on when making diagnoses and prescribing any medications to my children. All three of my children are comfortable talking to her. Not only is she an excellent physician, she has a wonderful “bedside manner”. I highly recommend her and I love the convenience of the GraceMD app. Dr. Sukumar responds quickly to any questions or concerns! 

 - Rebecca D., Windermere, FL

Dr. Deepa has been a huge lifesaver for us during this unique pandemic. I am not comfortable going into the office, and she has been able to see my kids via FaceTime, and diagnose them. Not only is this super convenient, she is quick to respond anytime I have a question or need to be seen! It saves me hours of headache and waiting with multiple children. We have used her multiple times now, and always so easy to work with, and explain each sickness. I never feel rushed with her. Thank you for this amazing service! Highly recommend! From a mom of 4! 

 - Taylor B., Winter Garden, FL

When we got Dr. Deepa Sukumar a couple of months ago we knew we had found the doctor we would request every time we needed a telehealth doctor visit. She is quick to respond, very thorough and has even texted back to follow up on how my daughters have been a day or so after the visits. The app is easy to use and the price is more affordable than going into the pediatricians office for a visit. I feel like she is also one of my girls’ regular pediatricians. I only go to office visits now for physicals or if she wants their ears checked closer. She also remembers that one of my daughters has asthma and is very personal about the care she gives her. We love her and the ease of healthcare this service provides our busy family schedule. 

 - Julie H., Raleigh, NC

Dr. Deepa is the best! She has such a beautiful way of connecting with her patients and has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to offer. She's given us peace of mind time and time again when we were concerned about our children - and we met with her from the comfort of our own home! I highly recommend her to every mama I know. I wish I knew about her and Grace MD Connect years ago!

 - Rhonda F., Winter Garden, FL

Dr. Deepa Sukumar is a compassionate, knowledgeable and meticulous pediatrician. As a busy working mother of a toddler, and also a first-time mom, it saves me time and effort to connect with Dr. Sukumar via the GraceMDconnect portal for simple and complex health issues alike. I am very thankful for Dr. Sukumar's accurate and timely diagnosis of a bout of respiratory distress accompanied by high fever, that my son was experiencing. Dr. Sukumar's timely analysis and advice helped us rush him to urgent care and thus helped my son from developing a further life-threatening emergency. We are so thankful for Dr. Sukumar's expert and kind care. I highly recommend Dr. Sukumar's services to all parents in the Central Fl area.

 - Dr. Ritu E., Oviedo, FL

Dr. Sukumar is very caring and compassionate. She was willing to go above and beyond while providing care for my one-year-old daughter when she was sick. She was conscientious, clinically thorough, very informative and diagnosed and treated my daughter accurately. She saw me via video as soon as I logged on to gracemdconnect and the whole process was quick, efficient and took a lot of stress off me.

- Annalisa B., Orlando, FL

I’m extremely grateful for the convenience of our GraceMDConnect doctor visit. While my husband and I were traveling out of state, our daughter was staying with my parents and became sick with vomiting and stomach pain. It’s never convenient or fun to take a sick child to the doctor’s office, but it was so easy to sign up for an account on GraceMDConnect and have my daughter complete her doctor visit from the comfort of my parents’ living room. Dr. Sukumar was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and caring and was able to diagnose and treat her quickly online, allowing us to rest easy on our trip.

- Angel E., Orlando, FL

GraceMD Connect is a simple, very easy to use and convenient portal to connect with a doctor right from your home. It saves time and takes away the need of scheduling an appointment beforehand or calling within office hours to meet a doctor. When my son developed a rash on his face, I was able to immediately connect with a pediatrician via the app. Dr. Deepa Sukumar was very helpful.  She was able to immediately diagnose the problem and prescribe medication that was sent to my pharmacy within 30 mins.

- Sharon B., Oveido, FL

GraceMD Connect was there when I needed it most. We were going on vacation the next day and my daughter was complaining of ear pain. Within twenty minutes of filling out my information, I was already meeting with the doctor via video conference call. She was thorough and patient, diagnosing my daughter correctly. This helped us avoid unnecessary germs at the pediatrician’s office as well as saved us the trip and expensive co-pay cost. I will absolutely use GraceMD Connect for future pediatric healthcare needs.

- Ashley S., Winter Garden, FL

GraceMD was a Godsend when my family was traveling this past spring. My daughter came down with a fever and the doctor was able to call ahead to a pharmacy in the next state since the flu medicine was sold out in the town we were leaving. Thank you so much Dr. Sukumar.

- Melissa O., Mendon, VT

Our son’s eczema flared up badly and got infected when we were out of state on a vacation. It only took a few minutes to register, then we were on teleconference video call with Dr. Sukumar. She ordered the prescription immediately after that and we got the medication we needed for our son within 1 hour! We are thankful and grateful for and Dr. Sukumar!

- Wenny P., Ocoee, FL

As a busy mom of 4, there isn’t much time to get sick and go to the doctor.  Being able to sign-up, see a doctor via secure video chat and get answers within the amount of time I would have been on hold to make a regular appointment. Thank you for the quick, friendly and professional service!!

- Christy R., WInter Garden, FL

Doctor is knowledgeable, polite and caring. Great bedside manners.

- Karen P. H., Maitland, FL

One morning my 6 year old daughter woke up with a sore throat.  When she wouldn’t eat one of her favorite foods or drink, I became concerned this could be something serious. Her pedestrian’s office would not be able to see her until the next day. That is when I went to I registered her and answered the simple medical questionnaire online. In less then 5 minutes the doctor appeared on my screen. She was personable, knowledgeable, and interacted well with my daughter.  We received a diagnosis and had her antibiotic waiting for her at my local pharmacy. The whole process took less than an hour in the comfort of my own home. I will definitely use gracemdconnect again!

- Elizabeth N., Windermere, Florida.


Extremely affordable easy way to consult with a
pediatrician from the comfort of your own home

Typical visits cost $49 but you can pay whatever you can afford
No copays, no insurance needed


or simply text 844-230-3300 to join or ask us any questions

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